189168_395781583824691_1130552890_nSnap55 is a Visual Effects artist that goes by the name of Eric Smith currently living in London, England.  He spends most of his days, doing FX for film production, and nights working in photoshop and lightoom, as well as fighting with WordPress.  Photography is his number 1 hobby, and enjoys taking photos of anything he finds intesting.

I started this site hoping to give out useful information, specifically regarding Lightroom and Photoshop.  I’m going to putting up quite a few things to download for free, and over time I may package some things up for sale. I’ll also be putting some prints for sale soon, as soon as I get some test prints back to make sure of the quality.

Thanks to eveyrone that comes to this site, it’s fun to me and I hope you enjoy it and maybe even learn something!