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snap55 | SNAP 55 - Part 2
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How to photograph Formula 1 as a fan

By | Car, Formula 1, How To, Uncategorized | No Comments
It's easy to think you can't shoot decent photos at a Formula 1 race unless you're a pro with a huge white lens, an expensive camera and a press pass ... oh don't forget the neon vest. Well it's true that there will always be someone with a better vantage point and a better perspective than you, but don't let that stop you from taking photographs on race day! Sony 50mm 1.8 I let the pros shoot cars alone on track, I’ll shoot the fans! The biggest lesson I’ve learned is what I can’t shoot at a Formula 1 race. As...
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Shooting a day at the Ace Cafe

By | Gear, Motorcycle, Shooting | No Comments
It feels like the winter is finally over in London, well it FEELS that way. I know better, it's bullshit, but I'll take what I can get. This fake spring'ish weather allowed me to enjoy getting out and about on the scoot. I've been to the Ace Cafe a few times but I've rarely taken many photos. Mostly I just love riding without carting any crap on my person, or on my bike. But 2016 is going to be different, and this was a great opportunity to photograph the wildlife that attend motorcycle culture hotspots like the Ace. Sony/Zeiss 55mm...
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A Ride through the Cotswolds, England

By | Motorcycle
Fall RideaboutThe Cotswolds I never feel like I get out and about on my motorcycle enough.  Living in London, rarely do I wake up and see weather inviting enough to entice me. So one must dig deep to find the desire to get out in the cold on occasion. Well fate shined on me for 2 days a few weeks ago and I managed to leave the big smoke for an overnighter in the Cotswolds, courtesy of my 79 Suzuki GS750 Cafe Racer. Starting from London I blasted my way through Oxford and into the town of Burford for a...
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Cannon Demi C

By | Gear, Review

London is full of really great photography walkabout locations, and I love me a good walkabout. Regents Canal is a pretty long walk, taken from roughly Victoria Park all the way up to London Zoo in Regents Park it will consume most of your day. There is a lot of interesting life along the canal, something you might not expect to find is so many people living on the long boats. This was the first time I’ve used my new Cannon Demi C, so this was just a test shoot with no expectations. I have to say that there is…

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New prints from The Bike Shed London event ready for sale!

By | Site News

Recently I was at The Bike Shed III in London, which is a fantastic classic custom motorcycle show. I took the opportunity to polish up and get some new prints ready, including a new look to my print store! So take a look and I hope you decide to pick something up for your garage, cafe…or…MUSEUM!  I get all my prints done at The Print Space in London, and they are really fantastic.  I’m also going to include some fun stickers from the event with every purchase. Why? Because stickers are cool, so cover up something ugly with a cool…

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My favorite 15 Formula 1 pictures!

By | Car, Formula 1, Uncategorized

Well Formula 1 preseason is underway with the tests in Jerez, so my Formula 1 pants are starting to tingle and it’s time to start paying attention. I don’t have any concrete plans to go to any F1 races this year, but my proximity to Europe means anything is possible.  I’ve checked off all the European tracks that were on my bucket list, so from here on out any race would be a treat. To celebrate the 2015 Season getting underway, I’m going to list my top 15 Formula 1 photos in no particular order. So lets get started!!! #1…

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Nikon J2, first tests

By | Gear, Review

I confess to having a BIT of Gear Acquisition Syndrome, but the disease is pretty specific for me. I don’t have to buy the latest and greatest, I have to buy cameras that I feel fill a niche.  Because of that I own a Nex-7, at the time the smallest ASP-C camera you could buy.  Now I own also a A7, the smallest full frame camera you can buy.  And I own a Minolta CLE, which is one of the smallest, best, and least known film rangefinders ever made. I own a Zorki, fully manual rangefinder because I wanted a…

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By | Gear, Review

My biggest concern when it comes to gear is equipment features v.s. size.  For this reason I can never consider some of the great camera from Olympus. I see countless amazing photographs from the OM series of cameras, some of their lenses are the best in the business. But I can’t see carrying around a 1/2 DSLR size camera for 1/4 the sensor size, makes no sense to me.  Especially considering the price of the high end bodies and lenses, wallet says OUCH! Therefore, at this particular time in history, there is only a single camera family that fts the requirements….

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Besides the Grand Prix – Monaco Afterparty

By | Car, Formula 1

The party scene that takes place in Monte Carlo during the Monaco Grand Prix is, apparently, the stuff of legend. The event being as posh as it is, even though I was going to the race I didn’t imagine I could really sample the night life. I’m not a driver, sponsor, celebrity or anything. I am just a dude, hanging out with a buddy trying to have a good time on the cheap…in Monte Carlo, should be easy right? Well it turned out to be much easier than I could have ever imagined so I though it would be a good idea to share my experience with ya’ll.

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