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“To travel is to live.” 

― Hans Christian Andersen

To travel is to live, indeed! Nothing can inspire and educate you like a trip somewhere you’ve never been before. Even a mundane trip away from home to nowhere in particular, if nothing else, will alleviate your brain from the repetitive thoughts of day to day life. I’ve been fortunate enough to have been driven to travel the globe in search of fruitful employment. And from the location of my employment, I’ve been able to see more of the planet than I ever realistically thought possible. I hope you enjoy these stories, and they inspire you to go see something new!

At The Track: Photographing Formula 1 from a fans perspective.

Formula 1 Blog Posts

Shooting at the 2016 Silverstone Classic

By | Car, film, Formula 1, Gear, How To, Shooting, silverstone

This was my first trip to the Silverstone Classic, and boy was it a big one! I had seen beautiful photography from this event many times but my love of all things Goodwood has meant I haven’t had the budged to get out here yet. Well I managed to do it in 2016, and I may be doing this instead of the Goodwood FoS in 2017, only time will tell. But it was one hell of a motor sport event, I spent 2 days and 1 night inside the confines of Silverstone Circuit.

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Shooting the 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed

By | Car, Formula 1, Gear, How To, Shooting

2012 was the first year I went to the FoS and it blew my mind. Never before had I been around more vehicular energy in my life. So many cars, cars I never thought I’d see, much less get close to. Racing cars with legendary names written on the side. Cars that have set records, cars that have become legends themselves. All here for you to see, hear and touch.

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How to photograph Formula 1 as a fan

By | Car, Formula 1, How To, Uncategorized | No Comments
It's easy to think you can't shoot decent photos at a Formula 1 race unless you're a pro with a huge white lens, an expensive camera and a press pass ... oh don't forget the neon vest. Well it's true that there will always be someone with a better vantage point and a better perspective than you, but don't let that stop you from taking photographs on race day! Sony 50mm 1.8 I let the pros shoot cars alone on track, I’ll shoot the fans! The biggest lesson I’ve learned is what I can’t shoot at a Formula 1 race. As...
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My favorite 15 Formula 1 pictures!

By | Car, Formula 1, Uncategorized

Well Formula 1 preseason is underway with the tests in Jerez, so my Formula 1 pants are starting to tingle and it’s time to start paying attention. I don’t have any concrete plans to go to any F1 races this year, but my proximity to Europe means anything is possible.  I’ve checked off all the European tracks that were on my bucket list, so from here on out any race would be a treat. To celebrate the 2015 Season getting underway, I’m going to list my top 15 Formula 1 photos in no particular order. So lets get started!!! #1…

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Besides the Grand Prix – Monaco Afterparty

By | Car, Formula 1

The party scene that takes place in Monte Carlo during the Monaco Grand Prix is, apparently, the stuff of legend. The event being as posh as it is, even though I was going to the race I didn’t imagine I could really sample the night life. I’m not a driver, sponsor, celebrity or anything. I am just a dude, hanging out with a buddy trying to have a good time on the cheap…in Monte Carlo, should be easy right? Well it turned out to be much easier than I could have ever imagined so I though it would be a good idea to share my experience with ya’ll.

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Forza Jules

By | Car, Formula 1

As I’ve been going through all my Formula 1 photos I’m noticing that I’ve taken a lot of photos of the Marussia of Jules and Max.  They often are the first ones out in any given session and on pit walks they aren’t swarmed like the more famous drivers.  In real world terms their cars are some of the fastest on the planet.  In Formula 1 terms, it’s slow as hell. Poor Jules was involved in an accident in his Marussia and a tractor that was collecting another crashed car, putting Jules in a long fight for his life.  Nobody…

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