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My favorite 15 Formula 1 pictures! | SNAP 55 automotive lifestyle and motorsport photography sony alpha
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Well Formula 1 preseason is underway with the tests in Jerez, so my Formula 1 pants are starting to tingle and it’s time to start paying attention. I don’t have any concrete plans to go to any F1 races this year, but my proximity to Europe means anything is possible.  I’ve checked off all the European tracks that were on my bucket list, so from here on out any race would be a treat.

To celebrate the 2015 Season getting underway, I’m going to list my top 15 Formula 1 photos in no particular order. So lets get started!!!

#15 – Ghosts of Monza, Monza

DSC06227_DEV_SLIDERS-18After the race I was able to hop a fence and take a nice little walk around the old oval at Monza.  Now this is the stuff of legend, I’ve seen countless black and white films watching the likes of Fangio and Moss racing around this old part of the circuit.  It’s incredibly steep, overgrown with fauna, it’s truly a place of ghosts.

#14 – Nap Time, Silverstone

DSC09916_DEV_SLIDERS-5There is A LOT of boozing that goes on at Silverstone, needless to say.  There was a pretty big crash on the first lap with a good 1 hour delay before a restart and it looks perhaps like this chaps attention couldn’t be kept.  Maybe he didn’t have any beers yet, but I bet he did.

#13 – Lewis Hamilton, Monza

DSC06079_DEV_SLIDERS-10I don’t have much of  a story about this photo, other than to say it’s the best photo of a car that I’ve taken.  It’s not easy to get good photos from my generally general admission spot on the track. You just need a bit of luck sometimes.

#12 – Victory Boos, Monza

DSC06209_DEV_SLIDERS-13The final season of Sebs dominance at Red Bull saw him getting a LOT of boos when he ended up on the podium.  Standing under the podium with hundreds of BOOing tifosi was a chilling experience.

#11 – The Italian Way, Monza

DSC05853_DEV_SLIDERS-6One of the fun aspects of going to Formula 1 races is seeing how each countries people “setup” for race day.  Belgium and it’s sausages, Spain and it’s ham, England and it’s bee

#10 – Kobayashi, Monza

DSC05872_DEV_SLIDERS-7I love this photo, maybe more than any other. I love the sense of speed, and if you’ve ever been to Monza then you know how many trees line the infield on the outer edges of the track.  Often times it’s easy to find yourself with only a few dozen people sitting on a simple grandstand, watching these beautiful cars zip past.

#9 – Alonso, Spain

DSC04940_DEV_SLIDERS-12This photo gives me chills because it was my first Formula 1 event ever, and to see Alonso….in Spain…..in a Ferrari *chills* was an experience I didn’t expect. He never races alone in Spain, every lap around the entire circuit they cheer him on, living in a bubble of awesome!

#8 – It’s Hammer Time, Silverstone

DSC09989_DEV_SLIDERS-7The English are a bit more reserved with their fandom, but they support their drivers just as much. I love these flags, It’s Hammer Time was a mantra used all year during Hamiltons championship run. I love the colors of these flags, flapping against a perfect sky!

#7 – The Rush, Silverstone

DSC00022_DEV_SLIDERS-9I believe the whole “rush the track thing” started in Italy, at Monza. But its a new trend to be relished at other tracks, including Silverstone. After an emotional win by Hamilton at his home Grand Prix, hundreds of fans wait to crash the gates to get as close to their hero as they can. The excitement in F1 is always high, but I’ve never felt a more powerful common desire to share a drivers victory than this, a truly special moment.

#6 – Post Race, Monaco
Ain’t no party like a Monaco GP party, that’s what they say right? After the race is done, the track is opened and it’s time to drink and dance on the track. Clubs expand out to the track and it’s an all night party. This gent was serving us drinks all night long in his firemans helmet.  Maybe it wasn’t his, who knows, this is Monaco and anything goes.
#5 – A Boatload of Bad Asses, Monaco

DSC09163_EXP-10_DEV_SLIDERS-9From my count I see 3 bad asses, but there are maybe more.  Mick Dohan, Mark Webber and Sir Jackie Stewart, enjoying the good life on a yacht in the harbor at the Monaco Grand Prix.

#4 – Wind Surf, Monaco

DSC09202_EXP-13_DEV_SLIDERS-12The worlds largest sailing yacht, the Wind Surf. Some people like me go to Monaco and stay in Nice, other people very much NOT like me…stay on the worlds largest sail boat.  Monaco..sheesh.

#3 – Italian Rush, Monza

DSC06212_DEV_SLIDERS-16The moment one of my dreams came true, standing on the track after the Grand Prix of Italy. I thought I wasn’t going to make it, and the next thing you know I’m almost directly under the podium. I must confess I didn’t get there alone, I was shoved by hundreds of screaming tifosi and it was the best racing experience of my life!

#2 – Eau Rouge, Spa

DSC03124_DEV_SLIDERS-1Eau Rouge in the early morning mist. This was my first view of the Spa circuit after I picked up my ticket. The scale is immense, a corner unlike any other on any track on our little planet. You think you have balls, try to take that corner flat out at 200 mph and we’ll talk about balls.  Try to pass someone there on the outside at 200mph and we’ll call you insane, or Mark Webber.

#1 – Nothing Special, Spa
DSC03169_DEV_SLIDERS-7For most of us going to an Formula 1 race is a very special moment, but to others it’s just a job.  At the top of Eau Rouge I saw these 2 disinterested people, I do wonder what he’s dreaming about and what she’s looking at that could be more awesome than the top of Eau Rouge with F1 cars flying by. Probably Facebook…….