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Nikon J2, first tests | SNAP 55 automotive lifestyle and motorsport photography sony alpha
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I confess to having a BIT of Gear Acquisition Syndrome, but the disease is pretty specific for me. I don’t have to buy the latest and greatest, I have to buy cameras that I feel fill a niche.  Because of that I own a Nex-7, at the time the smallest ASP-C camera you could buy.  Now I own also a A7, the smallest full frame camera you can buy.  And I own a Minolta CLE, which is one of the smallest, best, and least known film rangefinders ever made. I own a Zorki, fully manual rangefinder because I wanted a full manual camera….plus it’s Russian and I find that cool. Well the latest camera I’ve added to my collection is the strange J2, Nikon 1 series camera.


I have a couple trips planned this year and the bottom line is, they aren’t the kid of events I want to take expensive camera equipment to. I wanted something small, with multiple lens options.  No viewfinder means the J2 is tiny, the fact it’s inexpensive means that’s lightweight. And the way it turns on and off will make using it with gloves easy! It will fit in damn near any pocket, and for it’s intended task the small sensor will not be an issue.  And if I destroy it, well I wont have to cry for weeks like I would if it was my A7 and 70-200 G lens.

I took the camera out to play with it the other night, kind of worst case scenario for the tiny sensor.  But it’s known to punch above it’s weight and I think it did a pretty good job. I’m also experiementing with the Cinemascope aspect ratio of 2.35:1, as I really love the feeling it gives a photo….if you get the right moment.  The little Nikon 1 J2 has already grown on me.