In the early fifties the Ace Café became the destination for a new breed of bikers - the Ton-up boys. Government often discussed counter-measures to be taken against these youths now known as Rockers... In the eyes of society at large, however, they remained the very incarnation of all that was evil.

Mark Wilsmore

The Ace Cafe is one of, if not the, most legendary motorcycle hang out on the planet. It’s the home of the Cafe Racer, you can watch a short history about it here, For me, because of this place and the culture it generated, when it came time to buy my first bike in London there was only one choice, a Cafe Racer.

I’ve been out to the Ace a few times for breakfast, and regardless of the day, there is always something interesting to see and people to talk to. Today there were bikes of every type, rats, adventure, sport, stunt, vintage British and vintage Japanese. I learn something new every time I come here, and in 2016 I plan to come here a lot more. So please enjoy some photos from the first pictures from a day at the Ace.

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