The course is a kind of natural amphitheatre and is steeped in motoring history. Being here somehow transports one to the legendary days of our great racing names.

David Coulthard

This was my first trip to the beautiful Brands Hatch Circuit, which lies just outside central London. It’s a beautiful track tucked away in between many rolling hills. It sits inside of a natural amphitheater, with a lot of elevation changes, sometimes giving you an almost top down look of the track. The track has held Formula 1 races, but sticks to the smaller series these days, regardless of that, it’s probably the most scenic track this side of Spa. It’s almost like a little tiny Spa, just outside London, and that’s pretty damn cool!

This was also my first time taking in the Blancpain GT Series. This is arguably the best GT3 sports car racing series in the world and draws a huge field of cars. The cars are all based on legit performance street cars, heavily modified. They look absolutely brutal, coming from Ferrari, Chevrolet, Audi, Mercedes , BMW and my personal favorite Bentley. The Bentley might be the most brutal looking race car I’ve ever seen and I was absolutely fascinated by it. Elegant as a sledge hammer it’s a very legit contender for wins and the car I came to see on this day!

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