The Goodwood Members Meeting is rapidly gaining the profile of the better-known Festival of Speed and Revival meetings, and there’s one very good reason for that: fantastic racing.

EVO Magazine
The Earl of March must love cars because he hosts the best automotive events on the planet. On a cold’ish March in the South of England the Goodwood Members Meeting took place for the 74th time. I had never heard of this event, till I started following Goodwood online. It’s an elaborate celebration of vintage race cars of all shapes and sizes. Each year there is a different theme for a few high speed demos around the Goodwood Circuit as well as a standard set of races held each year.

In spite of the name, the event has been open to the public for 3 years now. There aren’t a lot of tickets so you have to act quickly, but they are available! This year saw a high speed demonstration of 2 sets of ground FX era F1 cars, including the rare never raced Lotus 80 something, with the dual chassis. A group of 70s era Porsche 918s as well as more GT40s than I’ve ever seen. For some spice how about an all out classic 2 stroke motorcycle race, some pre-war BEASTS, I think Formula 2, German Touring cars, 50s Maserattis, Ferraris of all types and even 1 NASCAR. It’s unbelievable having no barriers between you and the cars in the paddock, you can touch some priceless legends and get up close for some awesome shots!

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