We haven't mentioned (that) the Formula One cars this year looked kind of ordinary. That fact and that fact alone, probably says more about the Festival of Speed than anything else.

2012 was my first year attending the Goodwood Festival of Speed, it’s something I had been looking forward to since moving to England. On the ground of the Earl of March, Lord March, is hosted what might be one of the most amazing “car shows” on the planet Earth.

New cars and old cars, race cars of every type and generation, prototypes and more. If it’s got wheels, or ever had wheels, it’s at the Festival of Speed. Each year there is a celebrated mark, and that mark was Lotus this year. Having been fortunate enough own a Lotus, this was a welcome treat. The featured marq is celebrated with a huge piece of sculpture going up in front of the March estate. It’s insane, the coolest piece of front yard art on the planet, for that one weekend a year anyways.

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