Cheering, shouting, singing, waving flags, carrying banners and no doubt many of them (tifosi) weeping with emotion, they waited for Gerhard Berger to appear. When he did the clamor must have been heard in Milan...

Denis Jenkinson on the improbable Ferrari 1 2 finish in 1988
Ah, the Tifosi…those who treat Ferrari as religion. The Tifosi are the congregation and Monza is their church, the spiritual home of Ferrari. Monza is one of the few remaining classic old school tracks still on the schedule, along with Silverstone, Spa, Monte Carlo and Suzuka.
Each circuit has its own unique vibe, which is one of the things that make travelling to each race so interesting. The Italians at Monza love Ferrari as much as the British fans in Silverstone love any British driver or team. It doesn’t matter who drives their cars, the expectation is to win and the Tifosi will love you like no other if you do.
One of the unique things about Monza is that the fans rush the track and end up directly under the podium that floats above the track. It’s the best podium in the world, and the experience of being on track with THOUSANDS of celebrating Tifosi is unlike anything else in motorsport. Thinking about it as I write this is giving me goosebumps.
When the celebration is finally over, you are free to walk the track at length, and of course, go take a walk on the famous oval where legends were made! I managed to find a washer lying on the ground, in my mind I dream it’s from a Lotus 49. Unlike any other track, Monza is full of ghosts that you can feel when you walk around and I absolutely LOVED it!