For any driver, your home Grand Prix is massively important - but, like Monza and Monaco, Silverstone is special for everyone.

Jenson Button
Ever since I moved to Europe one of my big touristic goals was to see as many Formula 1 races as I could. Silverstone now completes my list of the legendary tracks in Europe, along with of Spa, Monza and Moncao. These are the some of the most hallowed grounds of motorsport, tracks where lives have been lost, championships have been won and legendary drivers legacies have been cemented. Senna, Clarke, Fangio, Mansell, Prost have all won at Silverstone, some in amazing fashion.

Another legend in the making won this year, Lewis Hamilton. To be there and see his home win was amazing, thousands of fans rushing the track to see the podium celebration of their hero was moving. As they said each time Lewis passed by“GO ON SON GET IN THERE!”, it was a great day for British sport!  And now that I know Lewis has gone on to win his 2nd Formula 1 World Drivers Championship, I feel like I was a part of Formula 1 history on that day!

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