This has been a day of so many emotions for me, and I think I will remember every moment....and finally the in-lap, soaking up the amazing atmosphere made by these brilliant supporters, my people.

Fernando Alonso
The Spanish Grand Prix was the first ever Formula 1 race I had the opportunity to attend. Situated just outside the fantastic city of Barcelona, which itself sits on the Mediterranean Sea, it provides about as much hedonistic pleasure you’ll find. The city is beautiful, sangria, tapas….so much fantastic food. The weather is great this time of year, so drinks on the beach are in order, as are late nights out on the town. It’s for this reason that I’ve never managed to make it out for qualifying, oops!
The track is a short train ride out of town, and a quick 20 minute walk by foot through the tiny town of Montmelo where street vendors are ready to help you kit up for the day. Don’t pass it up, you want and need their water and their sandwiches!  If you’re lucky, you may find yourself by the huge outdoor BBQ just outside the turn 5  entrance. There is not a better entrance to a Formula 1 track on Earth. The grill is filled high with all manner of pork and beef, freshly cooked just for you!
The track itself offers FANTASTIC general admission views under shady trees as well. Why sit in a crowded grandstand when you can find your own personal spot in the shade under a tree, 100 feet from the track side?
It’s one of my favourite events on the planet, in a beautiful location, on a fantastic track in perfect weather. What more could you ask for….see you next year!