...there's 311 years of racing history here, the crowd has been fantastic. I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

Matthias Dolderer on what it's like to race at Ascot
The Red Bull Air Race is an event I’ve always wanted to go to, but just not bad enough to ever really find out when it is. Well thankfully a person at my work was selling tickets so that both reminded me that I wanted to go, and provided me with a ticket to do so!

Turns out to be a pretty cool event, and Red Bull makes it about as exciting as it could get. The planes sound and look great, they fly incredibly low and fast. Often times disappearing below the trees to catch the gate furthest from the grand stands. Speaking of the stands, the event takes place above the famous Ascot horse racing track. This means it’s the only event on the calendar where the pilots “lap” starts while he’s sitting still on the ground. Watching the takeoffs was loud and intense, really making the runs seem like a hot lap in F1. It was an awesome event, the planes are fast as hell and being at Ascot always makes you feel like your life is going well.

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