It was fantastic to see so many people enjoying such a wonderful display of amazing cars in the fabulous setting of Regent Street.

Ben Cussons, Chairman of the Royal Automobile Club Motoring Committee
London is a pretty amazing city in regards to providing unexpected surprises. On any given weekend day if you head out on a walkabout , in any direction,  you will stumble upon something unique and probably interesting. That being said, one doesn’t expect to see a free motor show taking over one of the higher end shopping streets in the capital. But that’s just what I found on this day, on Regent Street in the city of London.

It’s called the Regent Motor Show, and it a completely free car show. There were factory Aston Martin GT race cars, the current electric car world speed holder, countless Aston Martin cars and over a hundred pre 1905 automobiles. As usual at an event like this in London you don’t just bring the car, you must also dress the part. It was a little taste of Goodwood right on Regent Street and very cool.

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