For sure it was a great sportscar race and all three manufacturers are all very close. We have to push because it is a six-hour sprint race.

Neel Jani – Porsche Team

I decided that 2016 would be the year I see more racing than any other, and more than that, get lots of great photos! This is my 2nd race at Silverstone, but my first ever World Endurance Championship race. It’s quite a different event than a Formula 1 race, which went by in a BLUR! The WEC race is much longer, the tickets are cheaper, there are fewer people and you get WAY more access. This includes an open paddock, open grandstands and a free pit-walk on Saturday. All of that for the single low ticket price of around 40£ or so.

Having open grandstands and the smaller crowd was a huge boom for my photographic opportunities. I was able to scope out spots and get back to them. And with a 6 hour race, and 2 days at the track I was able to sample quite a few locations without stress. This was the first race I was able to get serious with shots of cars on track with plenty of time, space and opportunity to shoot. The variety of cars is awesome, and the speed difference between the GT and LMP cars was insane. Overall it’s a fantastic way to spend the day, much more relaxing and with more access than at an F1 event. And with all the freedom, it’s about as good as it can get for the fan photographer!

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