One of the very first places I ever wanted to travel to just to take a picture was the Salton Sea in southern California. The Salton Sea used to be a very nice resort lake, it’s a large body of water that due to a number of reasons, became so salty that all the fish died. When that happened, the stench became unbearable, and most everyone moved out.
What’s left is a deserted wasteland of resorts and motels, with beaches made of crushed fish bones. It’s a facinating place to walk around, but I must admit even in the middle of the day the place gave me the creeps BIG TIME.

People still live in the area, I see a man tending to his lawn, but he doesn’t have any close neighbors. The smell is wrenched, the location depressing, Why would you live here?


The North Shore Yacht club hasn’t seen a yacht in decades. It’s hard to imagine, standing on a beach made of fish bones, that this was once the largest marina in California. 

A beach made of fish bones sounds like something out of an amateur horror film. But this is the Salton Sea, a place where there is much more dead…than alive.

Who lived here? I find burned teddy bears, and paperback books warped from countless rainstorms. Was this how the place was left, or has someone come here to film their post apocalyptic film? 

This was the first and last time I went to the Salton Sea. There is much more to be seen here, and I’d love an opportunity to explore it again. I was unable to find some of the more known landmarks, but I don’t anticipate anything vanishes totally from the Salton Sea……except the sun loving life it once pro missed.